Passage of Time

Label: JW Records
Released: 2013

1. January’s Journey / D D’s Car

2. Frances O’Neill’s / Jesse and Franchesca’s Miracle / Stop the Car

3. Louise

4. The Broadstone Inn / Big Snugs / Beth Patterson’s

5. Riverboat Set: Denis Dillon’s / Square Dance Polka / Dancing On the Riverboat

6. Trip to Skye

7. Ian’s Return to Ireland / Yanick’s / Denis Whelan’s

8. Flirting With the Edge / Rockaway Beach / Emmett’s Revenge

9. From the Heart

10. Desaunay / The Petticoat I Bought in Mullingar

11. Alterios’ Waltz

12. Song for Hillary

13. Bob’s Garden of Earthly Delights / Broderick’s

14. Queen Esther’s / What Daddy? / April’s Polka

15. Spellan the Fiddler / Gan Ainm / Deacon Harry Doyle

16. Lost Souls

17. Dancing to a Lot of Time

18. Enniscorthy / Daddy’s Home

19. Passage of Time

20. My Ballingary Lady

From The Heart
From The Heart (Remaster)

Label:  JAR Productions
Released: May 28, 2002

1. Bob’s garden Of Earthly Delights/Broderick’s

2. The Maid On The Green/Paddy O’Rafferty/Old Leitrim Jog

3. The Broadstone Inn/Sligo Creek

4. Spellan The Fiddler/Gan Ainm

5. Newton Bridge/The Kerryman

6. From The Heart

7. Ten Penny Bit/Trip To Athlone

8. The Ash Plant/My Love Is In America/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter

9. Texas Gals

10. Mary O’Neill’s Fancy/Bank Of Ireland/Ballinamore

11. Madame Maxwell

12. Ian’s Return To Ireland/Yanick’s/Denis Whelan’s

13. My Ballingarry Lady

Celtic Roots
Celtic Roots

Label: Narada
Released: February 12, 2002

1. Old High Reel/Toss the Feathers/Galway Rambler

2. Dr. O’Neal/Killavel

3. Humours of Ballyconnell/Eel in the Sink/Star of Munster

4. Pretty Girls of Mayo/Ships Are Sailing/Heather Breeze

5. Kylebrack Ramblers/The Tempest/The Contradiction

6. New York Jig/The Geese in the Bog

7. Gan Aimn/Castletown Jig/Connor’s Jig

8. Willy Coleman’s/Mooncoin/Carraroe

9. Maid I Never Forgot/The Old Copperplate

10. Chicago Reel/Toss the Feathers

11. Mayor Harrison’s Fedora/Molloy’s/Limestone Rock

12. Tar Road to Sligo/Cliffs of Moher

13. Piper’s Despair/Longford Collector/Seller’s Bonnet

14. Humours of Glendart/Leitrim Fancy/Paddy in London

15. Fearghal O’Gadbra/The Wise Maid/Lady Ann Montgomery

Celtic Fire
Celtic Fire

Label: Narada
Released: January 23, 2001

1. Bucks Of Arranmore/Eileen Curran’s/The Green Mountain

2. Sporting Paddy/John Dwyer’s/Galtee Rangers

3. Enniscrothy/Daddy’s Home

4. Up Against The Bachelon/Lady Ann Montgomery/Glen Allen

5. Have a Drink On Me/Widow Brady

6. Father

7. Christmas Eve/Faral O’Gara/Come West Along The Road

8. McDermott’s/Lad O’Biernev

9. Paddy Fahey’s/Gan Ainm

10. East Of The Hebrides/The Trial Of Jim Kelly

11. Fletch Taylor/The Gifted Father

12. The Girl That Broke My Heart/Paddy Ryan’s Dream/Music in the Glen

13. Dot’s Polka/Bernard Murphy’s Polka

Come To Dance
Come To Dance

Label: Narada
Released: February 23, 1999

1. Jackie Coleman’s/Bag of Spuds/Bird in the Bush

2. Braodstone Inn/Big Snugs/Beth Patterson’s

3. Turning of the Season

4. Crooked Road to Dublin/Dinkey Dorian/Gan Aimn/The Copperplate

5. Frances O’Neill’s/Jesse and Franchesca’s Miracle/Stop the Car

6. Tracks in the Snow/The Nightlight

7. Fermoy Lasses/The Old High Reel

8. Queen Esther’s/What Daddy?/April’s Polka

9. Simone

10. Crossing the Shannon/Man of the House/The Five Mile Chase

11. Mary O’Neill’s/Bank of Ireland/Ballinamore

12. Bob’s Garden of Earthly Delights/Broderick’s

13. Concert Reel/Flogging Reel

14. Dowd’s Favorite/O’Gorman’s Salute/My Cup of Coffee

15. Ten Penney Bit/Trip to Athlone/Gallagher’s Frolics

16. Newtown Bridge/The Kerryman

17. Father O’Flynn/Father Tom’s Wager/Lilting Fisherman

18. Spellan the Fiddler/Gan Aimn/Deacon Harry Doyle

Flirting With The Edge
Flirting With The Edge

Label: Narada
Released: February 24, 1998

1. January’s Journey/ DD’s Car

2. Rwenzori

3. Heather in Winter

4. Flirting With the Edge/Rockaway Beach/Emmett’s Revenge

5. Dublin Lady

6. Mayengo Reel

7. Lough Beg Waltz

8. This Is Sirius/Falling for Charlotte

9. Lost Souls

10. Brother John’s Jig/Kinyon’s No. 1/Kinyon’s No. 2

11. Hidden Treasure

12. Alterios’ Waltz

13. Storm Warning

14. Red Is the Rose

15. My Angel Boy

Celtic Crossroads
Celtic Crossroads

Label: Narada
Released: February 25, 1997

1. Riverboat Set: Denis Dillon’s Square Dance Polka/Dancing on the River

2. Jigs: Mabel Ruddy’s/The Windy Gap

3. Skimming the Surface

4. Ceol Nanolag

5. There Were Roses – Kathy Mattea

6. Beautiful Blackwater/Maggie K’s

7. Father Maroney’s/95 South/Granny Barnes’

8. Chams Elysées

9. Balkans

10. Grosse Ile

11. Ian’s Return to Ireland, Yanik’s, Denis Whelan’s

12. Flower of Magherally – Mary McLaughlin

13. Passage of Time

Celtic Reflections
Celtic Reflections

Label: Narada
Released: February 27, 1996

1. Louise

2. Longing For Home, Longing For Here

3. Dancing To A Lot Of Time

4. From The Heart

5. Sacred Ground

6. The Road Home

7. Last Dance

8. Misty-Eyed Morning

9. Breton Gathering

10. Song For Hillary

11. Desaunay

12. Cape Finisterre

13. Trip To Skye

14. My Ballingarry Lady

Fresh Takes Fresh Takes – John Whelan, Eileen Ivers

Label: Green Linnet
Released: 1987

1. Castle Kelly’s

2. Tom Fleming’s/Kitty’s Wedding/Sean McGuire’s

3. Lorraine’s Waltz

4. Blackberry Blossom

5. Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie/Father Francis Cameron

6. Kevin Burke’s

7. Gypsy

8. Teh Red-Haired Lass/Paddy O’Brien’s/The Scholar

9. Desaunay/The Petticoat/I Bought in Mullingar

10. Trip to Skye/Darach DeBrun’s

1979 Comhaltas Tour 1979 Comhaltas Tour

Label: Comhaltas Recording

Into The Light Into The Light

Label: Green Linnet
Released: 1973

1. Arisha

2. Remember the First Time

3. Unemployment Line

4. Someday

5. Separate Ways

6. Aires de Pontevedra

7. Dandelion Girl

8. Trouble Flies

9. Lady Wouldn’t Listen

10. My Angel Boy

11. Moving Cloud

Out of Print Digging In Celtic/Rock
Label: Green Linnet

From The Heart (Orig. Release)
Label: Celtic Oenoke

Traditional Irish Music w. Christine Considine
Label: Celtic Silver Hill Records

The Pride of Wexford Celtic
Label: Outlet Records

Released: 1973

Guest Appearances

Below The Mists, Above The Brambles
MaterDea / Capogiro Records

The Rights of a Man
Label: Green Linnet

Song of the Irish Whistle
Label: Hearts of Space

John Morrison/Gentle Waters
Label: Doolan Records

Tir Na n’Og/The Black Rose
Label: Tir Na n’Og

The Irish in America
Label: Soundtrack Album

Ride With The Devil
Label: Soundtrack Album

The Irish Volunteer
Label: RykoDisc


The Big Squeeze
Label: Green Linnet

Celts Rise Again
Label: Green Linnet

Celtic Gold
Label: Lighthouse Point Ent.

Celtic Magic
Label: EasyDisc

NARADA Decade 2

NARADA Showcase



Celtic Soul

Celtic Dance

Celtic Treasure

Celtic Treasure II

Dance of the Celts


Celtic Highland
Label: Hallmark

Producing Credits

Gaelic Storm
Label: Higher Octave

Celtic Faire
Label: Hallmark Records

Angel & the Folk Singer
Label: Dave Hawkins

Soldiers’ Songs
Label: McCann Folk/Celtic Music

Label: BlackThorn, Inc.

Wives Tales
Label: Dog Watch Records

Knot Fibb’N
Label: Knot Fibb’N Music

Shimon Rapaport
Label: Shimon Records

Television, Film & Theater

Lead Roles
Production: John Whelan/Celtic Session
Company: CT Public TV

Production: American Celtic Television
Company: Cablevision/TW

Production: Irish Festival Washington
Company: Public TV

Credited Role
Production: Ride With The Devil (film)
Company: Ang Lee (director)

Production: The Drowning Plains (film)
Company: Dave Johnson (producer)

Production: Gods and Generals (film)
Company: In Production

Musical Performances
Production: Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Company: NBC

Production: The Exchange
Company: CT Public TV

Production: Fox After Breakfast
Company: FOX

Production: Folger’s Coffee Ad
Company: Folger’s

Production: Sex And The City
Company: HBO

Production: Irish In America (film)
Company: Walt Disney Studios

Production: Riverdance (Broadway)
Company: Gershwin Theatre

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