Every Wednesday, John hosts a free, live “Taking Time” slow session on Zoom. The session starts at 4pm Pacific time/7pm Eastern/midnight GMT, and regularly draws attendees from around the world.

Players and listeners of all levels are very welcome to enjoy playing or hearing favorite tunes at a comfortable tempo, along with the all-important warmth of connection that shared music brings into our lives, even — or rather, especially — now.

This is also a great opportunity for learning new tunes, as everybody but the session leader (John) will be muted while they play. Unlike an in-person session you can noodle along to your heart’s content, and nobody will ever know unless you tell them.

John sends out the Zoom link and tune list to his newsletter subscribers every week, usually on Tuesday evening (Pacific time), so please make sure to sign up for his email newsletter so you can join in.

You can also request a couple of your favorite tunes to be included in the slow session tune list. Just email your request to John at whelanbx1@me.com in advance, and he will accommodate as many as possible when he creates the tune list.

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    Wild Atlantic Music Tour

    John will be bringing a group of people to Ireland in 2021 in conjunction with Wild Atlantic Music Tours. John is proud to be part of these exceptional tours with such luminaries as Kevin Crawford, Séan Tyrrell and Blackie O'Connell.

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    to download the details of the exciting events, sessions and special guests in John's tour itinerary, or visit the Wild Atlantic Music Tours website to book your seat on the tour.