Winona Grange – 04/08/23

Saturday, April 8, 2023
8:00pm - All Ages
Winona Grange (map)
8340SW Seneca St
Tualitan, OR, USA 503-819-2689

Lovely venue for a community concert

Other Info
I just love playing these Ceili's

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Apr 08th by admin

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    Wild Atlantic Music Tour

    John will be bringing a group of people to Ireland in 2023 in conjunction with Wild Atlantic Music Tours. John is proud to be part of these exceptional tours with such luminaries as Kevin Crawford, Séan Tyrrell and Blackie O'Connell.

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    to download the details of the exciting events, sessions and special guests in John's tour itinerary, or visit the Wild Atlantic Music Tours website to book your seat on the tour.